Dear IFN Members
I hope you are well, and Happy New Year.

The following members have renewed their membership in the last month. Thank you for your continued support:

India, Divinus Express Logistics, part of Clearfast Air Cargo Agencies
Turkiye, CATLOG
India, Euro Freight Shipping and Logistics
UAE, 4 All Group
Portugal, ETE Logistica, Portugal

We receive regular enquiries from forwarders asking to join our network. These are sometimes in our full countries where we have long waiting lists, but we have also heard recently from companies in India, The Netherlands and UAE. We will let you know if any of the enquirers are strong enough to join our elite group.

We have been alerted more frequently in recent months to emails going unanswered. When we investigate, often either the mail has gone to spam/junk mail, or one company’s server has blacklisted the other company. Even when mails have been sent and received without issue for years, this still seems to happen. In order to maintain good levels of communication, we recommend you call/WhatsApp your partner if you are waiting on a response, especially if it is urgent or time sensitive. Or please notify us, so we can email, phone and WhatsApp, to check that the email has reached them. It’s best not to assume you have been ignored, until we’ve checked on this, as often it’s entirely unintentional.

We’re always trying to fill the gaps in countries where we have limited or no representation. It’s an ongoing challenge that we relish, finding high quality forwarders to join us. We are using all kinds of different marketing approaches. For example, the image below. Thank you, Stevan, for your kind words.

These adverts are sent to our database of 100,000s of forwarders. Some of them also feature direct quotes from our members. If you’d like to be featured, and your company name shared widely across the industry, please let Jess know.

SFN | IFN MEETING: UAE (17 – 19 APRIL 2024)
The best way to connect and do business with your fellow members is at our next meeting. The event, joint with our sister network SFN, will be held in Dubai, UAE, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, 17 – 19 April 2024.

Thank you to everybody on the list who has signed up. Your commitment to the network and to your network partners is impressive. If you have yet to sign up and would like to join us in Dubai, now’s the time. Please note that paid delegates will be first to access the updated and re-designed meeting scheduler system when it opens for bookings imminently. So if you’ve been invoiced and not yet paid, please do arrange payment now so you can book your preferred meetings when the system opens.

Please do note that in accordance with our network Code of Conduct, meeting attendance is required as a condition of membership. This is for the good health of the network and its members. Please sign up to join what is sure to be a great event.

If you are joining us in Dubai, please feel free to use the image below for your social media, marketing, email signatures etc. to show others that you are attending:

Take good care.


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Take good care.

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