Dear IFN Members
I hope you are well.

I would like to invite you to write to us and share your story. How you are, how your company is doing, how you got into forwarding. We’ll then share this on our news page and in the next update. It’s a great way to promote your company. If you would like to share other company news, you’re also welcome to. Please mail Jess to arrange.

The Payment Monitoring System (PMS) is available for all members, as an easy way to manage payments within the network. Simply log in and enter the details of your invoice and the system will keep track of it for you. A statement is sent by the system every 2 weeks, as a reminder for the owing party and to save admin time for the owed party. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep payments smooth and timely and this system is here to remind, rather than to discipline. If you receive one of the automated statement emails, please note that you have not been reported to Head Office. Your partner is just making use of the system, which we encourage. 

As soon as the payment is received, we ask that the invoice is marked as paid in the system. If you have sent a payment and still receive a reminder, it usually means that the amount has not yet reached your partner’s account, or they have not yet had time to remove it. Just let Jess know and she can resolve this. Similarly, if you have already made an arrangement to pay later than the due date (e.g. adding a small amount to another invoice, to save on bank charges), that’s not a problem. You can ignore the reminder on those occasions. For all invoices showing as overdue in the system, Jess will check with the owed party as to the situation. She will then follow up for payment, remind them to mark the invoice as paid if relevant, or leave it between you if other arrangements have been made.

Many of our members use WhatsApp as a means of quick communication. We have a IFN WhatsApp group where members share company news/shipments and are often requesting rates. If you would like to be added to the group, please forward your number to Jess via email. 

Do you know of any strong agents, who might wish to join the network? We currently have availability in the following countries: Afghanistan | Albania | Algeria | Angola | Argentina | Armenia | Aruba | Australia | Austria | Azerbaijan | Bahamas | Bangladesh | Barbados | Belarus | Belgium | Belize | Benin | Bhutan | Bolivia | Bosnia | Botswana | Brazil | Bulgaria | Burkina Faso | Bulgaria | Burundi | Cambodia | Cameroon | Canada | Cape Verde | Chad | Chile | China | Colombia | Congo | Costa Rica | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Djibouti | Dominican Republic | Egypt | El Salvador | Estonia | Ethiopia | Fiji | Finland | France | Gabon | Gambia | Georgia | Germany | Ghana | Greece | Guatemala | Guinea | Guyana | Honduras | Hong Kong | Hungary | Iceland | Indonesia | Iraq | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Japan | Jordan | Kazakhstan | Kenya | Korea | Kosovo | Kuwait | | Laos | Latvia | Liberia | Libya | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Macedonia | Madagascar | Malaysia | Malawi | Maldives | Malta | Mauritius | Mexico | Moldova | Mongolia | Montenegro | Morocco | Mozambique | Myanmar | Namibia | Nepal | Netherlands | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Niger | Nigeria | Norway | Oman | Pakistan | Panama | Papua New Guinea | Paraguay | Peru | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Qatar | Romania | Rwanda | St. Lucia | St. Kitts | St. Vincent | Samoa | Saudi Arabia | Senegal | Seychelles | Sierre Leone | Singapore | Slovakia | Slovenia | Solomon Islands | Somalia | South Africa | Spain | Sri Lanka | Suriname | Switzerland | Taiwan | Tajikistan | Tanzania | Thailand | Togo | Tonga | Trinidad & Tobago | Tunisia | Turkiye | Uganda | Ukraine | Uruguay | UAE | USA | Vanuatu | Venezuela | Vietnam | Yemen | Zaire | Zambia | Zimbabwe.

We are very happy to offer you £100 off your next renewal payment for any who join us, as a thank you. Please contact Jess with any recommendations.

Take good care.


Managing Director
International Freight Network Ltd
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London, N1 7GU

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Take good care.

Group Managing Director
International Freight Network Ltd
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