IFN Members Discuss Industry Matters at Latest Zoom Social

IFN Members Discuss Industry Matters at Latest Zoom Social

IFN Operations Manager Jess Baker recently hosted another social event on Zoom for IFN members.

Jess told us more: “I have started to host these social chats on Zoom each month, to give our members an opportunity to share some face time with one another. It’s informal, so there’s no pressure to prepare, and we open the floor to anyone who’d like to speak. It is always interesting to see what topics come from the open discussion.” 

You can see a photo below:

Some of the topics discussed included: the shortage of truck drivers in Europe; the impact of strikes on logistics; finding solutions to common problems; congestion at various major ports and how forwarders are coping with delays, and sea vs air freight volumes in comparison to the last 2-3 years. 

The subject of how independent forwarders can compete with very large companies was also raised.

Peter at NST Germany shared some thoughts: “We have to think: what services can we offer, that the large carriers can not? I have clients who go to the big conglomerates, but they come back. Because while the cost may seem lower to begin with, on paper, once you add the additional costs, time and stress, it’s not so cheap! For less stress, being kept informed, and expertise, you need a forwarder.”

Some of the members who joined the discussion also shared their comments on the Zoom Socials:

“Thank you so much, it was a great meeting, nice talking directly to other members from different countries. I will take the time to be part to the next meeting in May!” Ingrid at Ganertrans, France

“Thanks, it was a pleasure 😊 Take care, hope to see you soon.” Levent at Ari Global, Turkiye

“Thanks, it is great for forwarders from other countries to share information in this way.” Sami at Action Air, China

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