IFN Member in Japan Shares Success Within the Network

IFN Member in Japan Shares Success Within the Network

Mat Incorporated, IFN member in Japan, recently got in touch to tell us about their success in the network so far.

Daisy Zhu told IFN more: 

“We have worked with a number of IFN members since we joined this network. We also actively use the contacts in the member list when we have jobs from/to the countries where we don’t have an existing agent. This has been very helpful to our business.

Below are some work experiences we had with members in the group. There are some more spot shipments, as well, but I will detail some of those whom we’ve worked with more than once:

Product Logistics (UK): We received nominations from them to handle a series of air shipments of Automobile parts from Japan to UK and US in 2022 & 2023. Also handled a few import shipments from the UK to Japan (air & LCL) for them. I’ve met their PIC last year in London and exchanged more information with each other. Our companies are of a very similar size and we look forward to having more business opportunities with each other in the long term.

ORFE Shipping Forwarding (Turkiye): We handled a dozen ocean shipments of used petrol cars from Japan to Cyprus (via Turkiye) for ORFE in 2023.

Freight Line International (Sri Lanka): we handled 3 air shipments of medical equipment from Japan to Sri Lanka. 

Cargolink Worldwide (Canada): we asked them to handle a few air shipments between Japan and Canada. The jobs were from different clients of ours, including both import and export to/from Canada.

Save Himalayan Cargo (Nepal): We asked them to handle an air shipment of Uninterrupted Power Supply from Japan to Nepal last Sep. They completed the import handling in Nepal excellently. 

This is not a repeated shipment yet, but if our client has another shipment to Nepal, we will happily work with this agent again.

We receive inquiries from IFN members pretty much on a weekly or biweekly basis. I don’t have an exact ratio how many inquiries later turned into actual jobs, but we are satisfied with the overall amount of jobs we receive from various IFN members.”


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